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  LER0ever 99ab3ce87a
apt: get rid of gen list 10 months ago
  LER0ever b4734b81e0
add testing source to buildkit 10 months ago
  LER0ever 2957eaaf05 apt: workaround AOSC systemd upgrade bug 1 year ago
  LER0ever cb4b66bcba apt: workaround AOSC debconf bug (no debconf) 1 year ago
  LER0ever f175d2d472 try to bypass conffile question 1 year ago
  LER0ever 084edcfe9f copy git config to HOME 1 year ago
  LER0ever 59658c22ed update cwd to /workdir 1 year ago
  LER0ever 3c742cbe7f Initial commit 1 year ago
  LER0ever d59b034254 it works 1 year ago
  LER0ever 2db7f1a6b4 update 1 year ago
  LER0ever 1b464a1173 fix docker file 1 year ago
  LER0ever 1eecf2ccd6 update, should trigger ci 1 year ago
  LER0ever 942990dcd4 Initial 1 year ago